Nikon D400 Specifications

The Nikon D400 is the upcoming pro-level DX-format D-SLR. It is expected to use a 24.3-MP sensor. Its rugged weather-sealed body, easy-to-access controls and advanced technology are sure to provide a highly functional camera built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The D400 with a 24MP CMOS sensor will produce detailed images with wide dynamic range and ISO from 100-25,600 will provide clean images with enhanced low-light sensitivity. Nikon’s EXPEED 3 image processing system will allow continuous shooting, expected to be 8 frames per second. Advanced 51-point auto focus system with 3D tracking and face recognition capture action at the exact moment. The Nikon D400 will also provide advanced video features: 1080p resolution at a range of frame rates 24/25/30/50/60 fps, in addition to full time autofocus as well as full manual control of ISO aperture. The D400 is sure to be the camera of choice for professional photographers, videographers and advanced amateurs.

Preliminary Specifications: *

Sensor 24.3MP DX-format CMOS sensor (6000 x 4000 pixels) 23.5 x 15.6mm sensor size
Video 1080p 24/25/30/60 fps and 720p 24/25/30/60 fps
Viewfinder 100% coverage, 0.94X Magnification
Metering 91,000 pixel RGB metering sensor
ISO Range 100-6,400 (expandable to 50-25,600)
Continuous shooting rate Up to 9fps
Memory Format Dual Slots: Secure Digital (SD/SDHC/SDXC) and Compact Flash (UDMA-7)
Auto Focus 51 focus points with 3D tracking and face recognition
Weight 850g (1.87 lbs)

* Specifications are not final and subject to change. These are not official specifications, but an estimate of the features based on recent Nikon DSLR. Updated July 16, 2013.

21 thoughts on “Nikon D400 Specifications

  1. Well, it really looks like there will be NO D400; at least this is a possibility, as we don’t see any information whatsoever regarding this camera; maybe NIKON sees the D600 as the update of the D300/300s. It is hard to believe however, that the DX format will be abandoned for the upper range of DLSR cameras, but the complete lack of real rumors is suspicious.; by the way, all the new FX camras have additionally the DX format, so DX lenses are usable on them; I personally am hoping the D400 comes, I am waiting for it as so many since quite a while and would buy it right away.

  2. I am waiting……….. still waiting………come on guys need new body, and new glass, need D400.I will not get my new glass until I get the body……..Do i really have to look at the competition…………. cash here ready and waiting for my new camera.

  3. I am waiting for D400 too. I am postponing to buy D300s for about 6 months. To me D400 will never come out and D600 will be the upscale of d300/d300s. Are they trying to announce it near xmas ? it will be too late for people like us .

  4. I to am waiting on the D400. I have a D800 already and want a smaller DX body to carry as a back-up and extra camera to haved two diferrent lenses on at the same time. I really like the rumored specs of the D400 and since I already have a FX body, I wasn’t even consdering the D600. I am not too impressed with the specs of it anyway. If I am going to pay $2100 for a FX “pro” body, it needs to be full metal body, not have a plastic composite front. It is not a good one for a long lens because it isn’t strong enough to hold it. That isn’t a smart decision on the part of Nikon to release a “pro” grade FX body that can not support the lenses people may want to use on it. People aren’t expented to use those types on the DX bodies, therefore it doen’st matter that much with them. From what I have seen, the specs on the D400 are better than those on the D600 anyway. Plus it is rumored to sell for about $1800 body only. I’m only waiting for the announcement to be made and I will be pre-ordering one.

  5. The D300s has a sensor pixel size of 5.5 microns and the D7000 has a sensor pixel size of 4.78 microns. If the D400 is indeed going to be a 24.3MP camera with a similar sized sensor (23.6 mm x 15.6 mm) as the D7000 (and this is what being DX means) then the sensor pixel size will be about 3.89 microns. Also the signal to noise ratio will be very low. In summary, if the technology behind the manufacturing of the sensor does not change much, then the pictures from D400 will gather much less light and will have a low-light performance inferior to that of D300s. So I do not know how attractive the pictures are going to look like. This particularly is of relevance when upgrading from D300s because many buy D300s considering it to be a good DX camera for action, wildlife and low-light photography. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. Hi,
    I’m also waiting for D400. If the rumors are confirmed it will be very good camera. I want buy it as my backup to weding photography. The rumors say that it’ll be conection of d300s and d700. I would like conection of d300s and d600 It’ll be great!!

  7. I am shooting with the D 200 still. 280,426 shutter accusations…lol I use it every day it’s getting worn out tired… I’ve been waiting for the D 400 ever since the rumors started. Can anybody with new information please post and keep us updated…..


  8. I believe that the Nikon D400 will be a full frame camera with smaller specs than the D600. This will mean that the we will have a FX line-up of X00 cameras and a DX line up of X000.

  9. I see two distinct possibilities – one very good and one very bad.

    The bad one is simple: There will be no D400. The D7100 is now the highest end DX body in the Nikon lineup.

    The good one, if it holds true, is that there will be a D400 and it will have enough bells and whistles to set it apart from the already impressive specs of the D7100.

    If you consider the current lineup, only the D4 and D7100 have a burst rate of at least 6 fps. Sports and wildlife shooters prefer at least 8 fps, which is one thing that made the D300/D300s so popular. The D7100 comes close, but is not quite there. In addition, the smaller buffer means you can only shoot short bursts and then have to wait for the buffer to be written to the memory cards. The older D300 still surpasses the D7100 in that area.

    So logically, there is a gap in the lineup for a DX body that targets the growing audience of sports and wildlife shooters. If we image what that body might look like, I see a D800 style build and button configuration, with the general specs and sensor of the D7100, but with 8-10 fps burst rate, and a larger buffer similar to the D300 or even D4. If it happens, it would be a true pro-grade DX camera. It would no doubt be wildly popular and give Canon something big to aim at for their 7D replacement.

    From a user’s perspective this makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, Nikon makes the decisions, so we’ll have to wait and see…

  10. I do agree with your analysis Jeff, and I trully hope it will happen (the good news I mean). But in the same time the more I am waitnig the more I am doubting…

  11. i am forest officer and interest in wildlife photography since 6 year, i using D7000 Nikon but i am waiting for D400 for long time so when it will come in market i will purchase same day. its very useful to me.

  12. I hope there will be a D400, I want to buy a D300s or D7100, both of them have things I need, but also both dont have things I need.
    At the moment I am selling some old things I dont need anymore to get money for a new body, if the D400 comes in that time, I will buy it, and if not, i am going to buy the D300s or the D7100.
    I dont want to loose time I could spent shooting.

  13. Nikon il serait temps d’annoncer le D400 , c’est l’arlésienne ! et quelques nouveautés nous feraient bien plaisirs ici du coté Français ! j’espère que l’attente , longue trop longue … correspondra à quelques bonnes surprises de nouveautés techniques par rapport au D7100 on monte en gamme ! non ?

  14. I whish a real life view that shows exposure and life histogram, up to 9 f-stops in bracketing for HDR shooting and full manual controll for the video mode. These functions combined with all necesary buttons for fast handling and build in autofocus… That one would replace my old D5100

  15. i am forest officer and i love wildlife photography, as per nikon rumor specification its a master cam for me, i am waiting since last 20 months.

  16. Now Canon offers a new 7D MK II and I think it’s more than time, that Nikon will do a D400. And the 7D MK II is a really nice camera: 20MPx, 10 frames/sec., DX , DualSlot, GPS and I want to have this for a new D400 to replace my D300.

    Nikon – can you hear me???

  17. I like Nikon
    I waited for Nikon D 7200 and I think it will come specifications better than its predecessor d 7100 but disappointed disappointed when retreating back.
    Unlike Canon offers the Model remarkably excellent.
    Unfortunately, the language is not good

  18. I am still using D200 with 14000 actuation only. Aspiring Nikon to bring video capability in 4k full frame and Dx like the new one D400 with global shutter and also rolling shutter in one and the same camera for stills with two separate motors .

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